Issue 10

The High Life

We knew very little about publishing when we started this magazine, except that it seemed to involve a lot of champagne and yachts, so we went down to the DMV to get boat licences. This turned out to be largely unnecessary. Our biggest financial achievement in our first year was being paid $30 by our landlord for catching the office mouse.

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Letters – Ryan O’Neill, Caitie Lawless
Etgar Keret – How to Make a Good Script Great
Carys Davies – The Quiet
Patrick Lenton – What is a Hornet
Chloe Smith – Hell is a Place
Paul Foot – Dalai Karma
Eric Yoshiaki Dando – When a Lion Attacks
Jennifer Mills – Blue, Red, Blue, Red, Blue
Julie Koh – The Wall
Dave Eggers – After I Was Thrown in the River and Before I Drowned


The Canary Press is on hiatus until 2017. But please browse back issues for your collection or find number ten in stores!