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Cold Wars and Hot Chocolates

Leonora Carrington - The Debutante
Eric Yoshiaki Dando – Coop
Nick Modrzewski – Two Stories
Jim Shepard - Safety Tips for Living Alone
Lauren Aimee Curtis - Emmanuel

Letters by

Caitlin Tyler
William “Bill” Collins
Catherine Hall

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Tasty morsels from the latest issue:

Leonora Carrington – The Debutante

‘Then she said, ‘Turn round now and look how beautiful I am.’ In front of the mirror, the hyena was admiring herself in Mary’s face. She had nibbled very neatly all around the face so that what was left was exactly what was needed.’

Eric Yoshiaki Dando – Coop

‘My new friends from school would all come over to my house after school and after a while one of them said, ‘what is making that creaking sound?’ Oh that is just all of the meat my brother has killed, aging, swinging on hooks in the cool of the deep shade of the tree.’

Nick Modrzewski – Two Stories

‘He was wearing a wide-brimmed cowboy hat. He said: ‘Where’s my thing?’ No-one said anything.’

Jim Shepard – Safety Tips For Living Alone

‘He’d stood at the edge of the platform hanging onto the rope railings designed to catch those blown off their feet by wind gusts or prop wash and had looked down into the waves so far below and out at the horizon empty in all directions and had said to the officer he was relieving, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’’

Lauren Aimee Curtis – Emmanuel

‘Their husbands have gone. They disappeared in the middle of the night. It was years ago, when she looked out her bedroom window and saw their cars speeding towards the highway. Burnt rubber on the road.’

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