Issue 4


William Broom – Restaurant
Ruth Wyer – Unaccompanied Minors
Joshua Osto – The Train
Margo Lanagan – Blood of an Englishman
Ryan O’Neill – Four Kinds of Erasures
Verity Russo – Swallowed
Ben Walter – Soft Green Skin
Maxine Beneba Clark – Ummi
Annie Proulx – Brokeback Mountain

Part of this issue features stories written by 8-year-old kids reinterpreted as short stories by Australian authors

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From the archives

Gisela Bohorquez Issue 1

A Storm Trooper Remembers

May 4, 2014

by Eric Dittmar

RandyMora_Frances Pinkweather_I1_web

Frances Pinkweather

May 3, 2014

by Batya Ungar-Sargon

Chris Damon_HoaxMermaid_I1_web

Hoax Mermaid

May 4, 2014

by Adelehin Ijasan

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